Practical Assistance

Assistance with homestays

Most students will require additional accommodation with a host family at some point during their stay.

We will coordinate the placement of students into nearby inspected and vetted host families for students who require it.

Assistance with transfers

We can offer young-flyer drop-off and collection services when necessary through our own staff or partner taxi firms. When we use taxis, our partner taxi firms employ only vetted and verified drivers.

Host father helping student

Problem Solving and Emergency Care

Access to HSI head office

Our dedicated office teams are available for students, parents and partners during office hours. We deal with enquiries efficiently so that you have accurate information when you need it.

24/7 emergency telephone service

Every student will have access to our 24/7 emergency telephone service.

Emergency visits

In the event of a genuine emergency, our student advidor can visit a student.

Incident reports

We provide an incident report for parents and partner agencies. Our incident reports are in addition to any other that may be produced by the school or other party associated with the incident.

Host mother helps exchange student with hair

Academic, Welfare and Social Monitoring

Orientation Visit

Our local Student Advisor will meet students shortly after arrival to give the student all the information they need while under our guardianship and to welcome them to their new environment.

Minimum of 2 visits per term (Standard Guardianship only)

Students will benefit from meeting their Student Advisor in private, one-to-one, on a regular basis. In Ireland students will meet their Student Advisor at least once a month.

Progress & Well-Being Reporting (Standard Guardianship only)

Following each meeting with a student, our Student Advisors write a detailed report on the progress of that student and any issues or concerns which need to be addressed.

Attendance at Parent-Teacher Evening (Standard Guardianship only)

Our trained Student Advisors will attend parent-teacher evenings, feedback to the local HSI head office and share with parents and partner agencies.

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boy eating with his host family


Our guardianship services are accredited by the highest bodies in the UK and Ireland. We a proud to worth within AEGIS and AGPI guidelines.


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