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Here I am, guys! My English experiences has started for 3 weeks. Now I live in Canterbury, Kent.

I left Italy on 1st September. The flight that brought me to England, has changed my life. When I saw London’s Airport for the first time, I felt like I was surrounded by something great which was going to happen to ME! Yes, me! I felt as the main character of an exciting but moving movie.

I arrived at home and I saw my host mum who was waiting for me, watching television. I cannot describe how much I am grateful. She is giving me the opportunity to live another life.. to build a new life in 10 months.

The first night was peaceful. The day after I came to know all the host family: Nicola, my host mum, her daughter Antonia, Johanna, my host sister from Germany and Yumika, host sister from Japan. I can really say that we are a BIG FAMILY!

When I first saw Canterbury I was delighted. I had never been in England before, so I did not know the famous English-style: the buildings with the pitched roof, the gardens outside the houses. Everything, here in Canterbury, is particularly English. And I definitely like it. I am not yet used to the shops that close at 6.00 pm, dinner at 6.30 pm, substantial breakfasts, but I feel part of this great plan. I feel like I am living, right now, the moment I was dreaming about 1 year ago. This moment is now! I can feel it! And it’s mine.

So when I wake up, in the morning, and I see (sometimes… oh, the English weather!) the shining sun I can only smile and think that it’s another day spending learning something new.

The school, that is a very big and modern building, surrounded by nature like a little lake, seagull and trees has welcomed me warmly.

There are a lot of differences with the Italian school system: for example, in Italy there are some classes and the teacher has to move from one to one, not the students, instead in England are the students that change rooms. In Italy there is no lunch at school, because the school finishes at 1 pm, instead in England the school finish around 3 pm or 4 pm but there is a long break for the lunch. In Italy the students have to buy the books they need, instead in England the school gives you all you need for free. But the warm of the people is the same.

In England, like in Italy, the teachers and the people in there are always kind with me: they explain me all the words I do not understand, if I need some help they offer me to see each other for studying. Talking to the people is simple and they make me feel at home and I appreciate this a lot, because I know I can actually feel at home. Maybe not now, not at the moment, but give me the time to fit in the English system a little bit and then, I swear, I can do it. I have known some others Exchange students, like me (from Germany, Norway, Italy, France) and some English people. I get along with everyone and I have made met my host sisters with my school friends: they like each other! I cannot ask better.

One of my plan for the immediate future? I am looking forward to go to visit London.. for the first time in my whole life!

See you soon! Ale.”

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