Why is guardianship so essential?

Professional guardianship should be about more than just a ‘status’. It should be a commitment to, and responsibility for, the care and wellbeing of a student for the duration of their studies. We think we’re pretty good at it, so let us tell you why.

Professional guardianship of a young person, like any service, can come in various degrees of quality. At High Schools International we take great pride in offering all of our students one of the most comprehensive and supportive levels of guardianship available.



Our team of student advisors assist our students with a whole host of different things, from helping them learn their route to school to opening a bank account if they need to. Each of our students is allocated a local student advisor.

On rare occasions a student will require a higher level of support from our student advisors, for example, if they are taken ill or if they are having any issues at school or at home. Our student advisors are always willing and able to visit our students more frequently if required.

With most other guardianship services this extra support will result in additional bills for the parents, but not with High Schools International. We are committed to making sure our students are happy, safe and well whilst under our care. We don’t believe this should cost extra.



This is a service we provide that we hope that you will never need, but if you do you will be very glad of it. All of our students are given our 24/7 emergency telephone number, so they know that if they find themselves needing to speak to someone at High Schools International immediately, they can. No matter what time of day or what day of the week.



Not every student will go home during school holidays, and the school may close during this period. High Schools International will organise local host family placements for exeat weekends and mid-term breaks. For students who need assistance with travel arrangements, our team will be able to help arrange taxis. Accommodation and transfers will be additional charges. All of our drivers are police checked.


Our guardianship services are accredited by the highest bodies in the UK and Ireland. We a proud to worth within AEGIS and AGPI guidelines.

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