Global presence, local expertise

Why do we work with partners?

Our partner agencies play a number of vital roles in every high school programme.

They enable us to provide students and their families with a very high level of service, from consultation to graduation.

We expect our partner agencies to:

  • Accurately communicate the details of our programmes to students and their parents in their native language.
  • Provide an in-person consultation to help students decide on the most suitable HSI programme for their needs.
  • Ensure that applications are completed and submitted to us in full.
  • Ensure prompt payment of all programme fees.
  • Provide any necessary support to the family of the student for the duration of the programme.


How to become a partner agency

If you are an education agency or education consultant and you would like to offer your students any of our programmes, then you should complete our simple partner registration form. Click on the button below to get started.

Added services

As a partner of High Schools International you will have access to our partner portal, and we can offer you training sessions. Whether you would prefer training in-office or through Skype, get in touch to request a session.

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