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British private schools are recognized worldwide for the quality of their teaching, the facilities available and the progression opportunities for their students. Many of our partner schools will feature in the top 50 schools in the country and all will provide a superb environment for learning and achieving the very best a student can.


Private schools are government inspected, but largely funded by fees, private donations and alumni activities. They are a unique part of the British education system and are renowned for their quality and tradition. There is a heavy focus on university preparation and entrance.

Private day and boarding schools will typically have a high standard of discipline and expectations of students to adhere to timetables and deadlines will be high. Most time in the week will be scheduled with either classes, prep (homework) or sports and arts activities. Students will always be busy with a rigorous academic and social schedule.

Key Features

  • Excellent academic standards
  • Superb facilities
  • Small class sizes
  • Homestay or boarding accommodation
  • Wide range of subjects
  • Excellent reputation with a high acceptance rate into leading universities
  • A high level of individual attention
  • The UK National Curriculum
  • Religious and non-religious schools
  • Co-educational and single-sex schools

Options & Criteria

Age 16 - 18 (Private Day) or 11 - 18 (Private Boarding)
Programme Durations 1, 2 or 3 terms +
Academic Background Average or better
English Level Upper intermediate
Status All international students


Education Agencies

If you are an education agency based outside of the UK and you are interested in being able to offer your students a place at one of our many private boarding schools, then you can contact us to register as a trusted partner of High Schools International

Partners already registered with us can download materials, fees and application forms from our Online Partner Resource Centre.


If you are a student who is thinking of studying in the United Kingdom and would like to learn which of our schools are most suitable for you, then contact us and we will connect you with your local representative of our programmes.

Want to know more?

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