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Private preparatory schools are private day and boarding schools for young students. They are often associated with with a senior school, and prepare students for life at that senior school.

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Private prep schools are a unique part of the British education system and are privately funded by fees and donations. They cater for students between the ages of 8 and 13, most of whom will then progress on to the associated senior school.

Some schools will be based on the same campus as the senior schools, but others will have a stand-alone campus. Schools will have excellent recreational facilities and extra-curricular programs. There will be a superior level of pastoral care and supervision, with a strong focus on progression to senior school.

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Key Features

  • The highest academic standards
  • Excellent facilities
  • A high level of individual attention
  • The UK National Curriculum
  • Religious and non-religious schools
  • Boarding accommodation
  • Co-educational and single-sex schools
  • Many extra curricular activities
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Options & Criteria

Age 8 - 13
Programme Duration 1, 2, or 3 terms +
Academic Background Above average
English Level Intermediate plus
Status All international students


Education Agencies

If you are an education agency based outside of the UK and you are interested in being able to offer your students a place at one of our many private boarding schools, then you can contact us to register as a trusted partner of High Schools International

Partners already registered with us can download materials, fees and application forms from our Online Partner Resource Centre.


If you are a student who is thinking of studying in the United Kingdom and would like to learn which of our schools are most suitable for you, then contact us and we will connect you with your local representative of our programmes.

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